1- Save Cash Living From Paycheck to Paycheck

Yes,saving money is difficult when you live from paycheck to paycheck. All of us have daily expenses and commitments like paying rent, utility bills and etc, so after paying for all that there’s often nothing left to save. Moreover, sometimes a paycheck doesn’t allow covering even the basic needs so consumers choose emergency money loans to meet expenses.

However, everything depends on your wish to break “from paycheck to paycheck” cycle and a motivation for saving money. We know well that those who want look for an opportunity and those who doesn’t want, look for an excuse. That’s why, put all the excuses aside and use these tips to save money even if you live from paycheck to paycheck!

Step 1: Open an Online Savings Account

You can open a savings account even at your local bank but it’s better to choose online one. That’s because if you’ll put the money in a local bank, then it will be too easy to withdraw it and your task is to save! After opening an account, make your first deposit. It’s not necessarily should be a few hundred dollars, just put as much as you can. The most important in here is to begin, that’s why even if you can put just a few dollars to your savings account – just do that.

Step 2: Save $20 in Your New Savings Account

Make yourself a task: this month you should put $20 to your new savings account. If you can put more money, it’s great! But if you need help to complete this task and to earn $20, it’s also not a problem. Check out 10 unusual ways to make quick cash and choose the most suitable option. Pay attention to survey sites, for example, Swagbucks and Springboard Panel. With a help of these sites you can easily make $20-30 per month and moreover, you can make this money even while watching your favorite TV shows.

Step 3: Get Ready to Save $100 a Month

Your next goal is to learn to save $100 a month. If you think that this step is too massive, don’t worry and remember that there are always some ways to make extra money. For the current month the task is to save $30. Use such sites like InboxDollars or Bing Rewards to put extra dollars to your savings account. InboxDollars is one of the best websites which pays you for signing up for offers and taking surveys. You get first $5 just for signing up but you need to make at least $30 to be able to withdraw the money. Another idea is to use Bing on your phone and computer. There’s nothing complicated and Bing Rewards will pay you for that!

Step 4: Save $100

Finally, you’re ready for this step. If no, use these ideas:

Sell some of your old stuff. Fortunately, there are good online resources you can use for that. Thus, you’ll get rid of unnecessary things and make some money!

Open a bank account to get the bonus. For example, Nationwide will pay you $200 cash for opening a free account.

Many companies want you to try their services and ready to pay for it! Check out the list of such firms and make money!

Try mystery shopping. First of all, it gives an opportunity to make good money and who knows, maybe it will even become your basic job. Secondly, you can have a good fun and spend time with your family at the same time!

Step 5: Continue Saving $100 Each Month

After 4 previous steps you can see that there are many ways to make extra money. Use your paycheck for casual expenses and paying bills and make extra to put it to your savings account. Let your savings motivate you! Once you’ll reach $1000, consider opening an IRA. If you was motivated enough to save $1000 for one year, think how much you can save within next 20 years! Isn’t it great?